Sustainable Action

Environmental Leadership and Sustainability
Our environmental mission ensures that Jamieson Laboratories:

  • meets all domestic and international environmental regulations and, to the extent practical, implements initiatives that exceed government requirements
  • considers the impact of new products, packaging, technologies and operational procedures on the environment
  • encourages conservation internally and externally through its business partners, suppliers and customer relationships
To increase the efficiency and sustainability of infrastructure and manufacturing, Jamieson Laboratories has undertaken the following initiatives:

  • established a tree-planting initiative to offset the company’s wood-fibre consumption over the next 10 years
  • is the sector pioneer in using dry-compression tableting in place of solvent-based or water-based technologies
  • participates in all municipal recycling programs for paper and plastic at its Canadian facilities
  • is upgrading T12 lighting fixtures to T8 high-output fluorescent lighting
  • has cut energy consumption by 50% with the installation of smart metres
  • has leased roof tops for solar power at two manufacturing facilities; each facility  generates 500kW for a combined 1000kW which prevents 464 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year - equivalent of planting 36,630 trees per year
  • recycles wooden skids, steel and plastic drums, fluorescent lighting and batteries through municipal programs
  • uses a third-party cleaning company to launder uniforms in an environmentally responsible manner
  • has added naturalized landscaping, above and beyond municipal site plan agreements, at all manufacturing and distribution facilities
  • uses eco-cleaning products when possible
In packaging, Jamieson Laboratories:

  • uses entirely recyclable plastic supplement bottles and caps
  • uses only low volatile organic compound (VOC), vegetable-based inks in all marketing communications materials in accordance with the emerging industry standard
  • meets Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards for post-consumer content and non-chlorine bleaching of all company stationery
  • uses recycled and recyclable cardboard, the latter accounting for a 40 per cent landfill diversion of company waste
  • uses recyclable and recycled plastics (ABS, styrene and food-grade plastics), wire and sheet metal in all displays
  • continues to investigate ways of reducing its material consumption
In company operations, Jamieson Laboratories supports sustainable practices:

  • polystyrene cups and plastic utensils have been replaced by reusable dishes and cutlery
  • printer-cartridge recycling programs have been established at all facilities
  • used computers are donated to Computers for Schools
  • video-conferencing was introduced in 2001 to reduce air and vehicle travel for employees
  • the centrally located Toronto office allows for more than 80 per cent of employees to walk or use public transit daily.