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The Natural Health Show

Feb 24, 2012     Posted by: Henderson and Latinsky

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Dr. Sara Henderson, ND and Michelle Latinsky, RD, joined host Steve Herringer as guest experts on Vancouver’s Natural Health Radio Show in early 2012. Click the links below to listen to podcasts of the shows, offering natural solutions for common health concerns including immune support and heart health.

SHOW 1: Colds & Flu
With the arrival of winter weather, colds and the flu often become epidemic. Hear about how a healthy immune system is our best defense against catching the common cold or flu virus.  Listen here
SHOW 2: Heart Health - Part One
Heart Disease is the number one killer of Canadians, yet it is largely preventable with lifestyle changes. Listen to what Canadians can do to prevent or manage heart disease with diet and supplements.  Listen here
SHOW 3: Heart Health - Part Two
Find out about what you can do if you are on a statin medication to support your body from losing nutrients such as Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) that are commonly known to be lost through the use of these drugs.  Listen here
The Natural Health Show
The Natural Health Show is a Vancouver-based radio program that makes a difference in the way people view their own health. Each week the show presents natural health information that's easy to understand. Host Steve Herringer talks with leading holistic practitioners such as nutritionists, naturopaths, holistic pharmacists and medical doctors. These experts understand the need for an integrative and holistic approach to health. Each Saturday morning the show talks about a specific health condition and provides integrative/holistic approaches to dealing with the health challenges this condition presents. The Natural Health Show airs Saturday mornings at 11am PT on AM650 Vancouver.



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